Fitness Training

Health and nutrition coaching complements personal training, providing a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

  • Have you felt motivated to be healthier but don’t have a specific plan, or goals, to get there?
  • Are you confused by all the contradictory health and fitness information and myths?
  • Has our stressful, fast-paced society that makes it so convenient for people to be unhealthy with instant, processed foods taken a toll on your energy and health?
  • Do you spend too much time sitting and too little time exercising and eating well?
  • Has your doctor recommended you eat healthier or exercise more, but you need help taking steps to get started?

As a fitness professional who values an authentic, compassionate and realistic approach, I will:

  • Help you increase self-awareness, build confidence and develop behavior changes for a sustainable healthier lifestyle.
  • Partner with you as you establish personal health and fitness goals and a specific plan to reach them.
  • Provide personalized accountability and support to help you overcome barriers.
  • Help you replace unhealthy habits with healthier habits that support your goals and values.
  • Create a health and fitness program customized to your ability, schedule and activities you actually enjoy.
  • Empower you with knowledge, tools and structure to maintain a healthier lifestyle on your own.

Eventually small changes become new habits and those habits become a lasting healthier lifestyle!

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