Health & Fitness Coaching

Fitness Training

Health and nutrition coaching complements personal training, providing a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

Creating a healthy lifestyle takes planning, prioritizing and even practice. Unfortunately society makes it so convenient for people to be unhealthy with instant, processed convenience foods that save time at the expense of good health. The diet industry also offers quick-fixes to weight loss, such as fad diets or “magic bullet” pills. This deception can cause more health issues and perpetuate negative cycles of yo-yo dieting (losing weight and gaining it back again), which can be frustrating and discouraging.

My focus is not on another drastic diet or exercise routine that is difficult to stick with. Instead I supportively partner with you as you set realistic goals, identify personal barriers and take specific steps towards lasting change. This results in a sustainable healthier lifestyle, instead of another fleeting diet, health kick or New Year’s resolution.

Passion, Patience, Persevere

As a fitness professional who values an authentic, compassionate and realistic approach, I will:

  • Help you increase self-awareness, build confidence and develop behavior changes for a sustainable healthier lifestyle.
  • Partner with you as you establish personal health and fitness goals and a specific plan to reach them.
  • Provide personalized accountability and support to help you overcome barriers.
  • Help you replace unhealthy habits with healthier habits that support your goals and values.
  • Create a health and fitness program customized to your ability, schedule and activities you actually enjoy.
  • Empower you with knowledge, tools and structure to maintain a healthier lifestyle on your own.

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